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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Each One Teach One

This forum is dedicated to building bridges, mending fences, lifting up and paying forward.  Each One Teach One welcomes your input and insight reflected in your thoughful posts.  Let us remember to be considerate of others as each person has their individual opinion and they are destined not to agree at some point.  The purpose of this blog is to provide an environment where we can each learn from one another, your craft, goals, opinions, home remedies, etc.  I look forward to reading your views.

About the Artist

Wow Factor Jewelry by Dadjwan is a concept that was created as a result of consumer demand for quality fashion jewelry that is reasonably priced.  As the name proclaims Dadjwan's creations make you want to say WOW!!  WFJ is focused on customer intimacy and attention to detail.  When an individual steps out into the world they want to feel and look good to themself and others. Wow Factor Jewelry by Dadjwan proposes to help each  and every customer reflect that style and self confidence.  Visit Wow Factor Jewelry by Dadjwan on Facebook or at and give us your feedback.